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Do you want a custom-made drawing? Would you like to immortalize someone you love or make a unique and very special gift? Here you have some information that may be useful.

Below all this information you have some examples with the prices, but if you want something more specific or you have any question or simply want to tell me an idea you have in mind for an illustration, you can contact me without any commitment.

First of all I want to let you know that these prices are only for drawing based on photos sent by you (like the second and third of the examples below) or based on my imagination (like the first example), but only for personal use (an special and great memory, to make a gift, etc). If you want an illustration for a CD or book cover or any kind of commercial use, please, contact me first so we can talk about those prices.

Now that this is clear, let’s see some important things you have to know before contacting me.

  • I don’t draw anything for free unless I decide to collaborate with a non-profit event/organization or something like that. If you are part of an NGO and have a project, we can talk about it, but there will be some conditions. If this is the case, you can contact me by mail or by private message on my social media and we can discuss it.
  • If you want one of my drawings, send me an email and tell me if you want a drawing based on my imagination or based on a photo (in which case, first check the section “Drawing based on photo” so you can start searching for the best ones)
  • If you want me to draw a fairy, an angel, a vampire, etc, without any photo references, it would be helpful if you write a description of your idea or how you would like it to look like. If you have no preferences at all and want to give me the freedom to draw it on my style, it is more than ok, since there is nothing better for an artist than to have total freedom to draw.
  • I don’t draw porn (artistic nudes are more than welcome, but nothing super explicit), drawings that I consider offensive, that promote hate, racism, homophobia, violence, animal abuse, etc. Anyway, I have the right to say no to any drawing.

If you want a drawing based on a photo, you have to keep in mind that the better the photo, the better the drawing. To search for the ideal picture, here you have some pieces of advice that you must follow.

  • The photo must be a close up: If you want a portrait and you send me a full body photo, once I zoom in the details will be lost, and the details are super important to make the drawing alike.
  • Use a decent camera: You don’t need a photo made in a studio (but that is amazing), any cell phone with a nice camera can take good pictures in good light, which takes me to the next point
  • Natural light photos: A picture made with natural light emphasize the facial features. Ideally, it must be taken with daylight, not indoor with artificial light, because unless you are using special bulbs (like the ones in a photographic studio), the light we have at home is not the best to take a photo for a portrait.
  • No flash. When you use the flash, immediately the facial features disappear, making the face look “flat”, so the drawing will look flat too.
  • No selfies in dark places. Those photos are just impossible to draw.
  • You can send me a selfie if it is made in daylight and you have a good camera, but you have to keep in mind that frontal cameras on phones sometimes distort the faces, making them look larger and “like an egg”, and since I draw what I see, if you send me a distort photo, the drawing will be like the photo (distorted), because I can’t try to correct the proportions since I don’t know your specific proportions and, if I take the risk, most probably you won’t recognize yourself in the drawing.

So, to sum up, a good photo can be taken with an actual phone (with a good camera) but you should take it natural daylight (outdoors), avoiding frontal light (because the light can make the person to close the eyes or to change the expression and, again, that kind of light can make the face look flat) and, if you want a portrait, take a close up photo, for a portrait, not a full body one or a ¾ one.

Anyway, you can send me all the photos you like or you think can be drawn and I ‘ll do my selection with the best ones or guide you saying what there is missing in the photos or why they don’t work, so you can get a better idea of what I need. But don’t worry, all of this seem too complicated, but it is really simple and easy and, unless you send me a selfie taken during the night or using flash or a blurred one or taken from too far, I will be able to draw at least some of the photos you send me.

  • About your privacy: To me is really important that you have decided to trust on me and that is why I promise that the photos you send me by email will only be downloaded to my personal computer and, once the commission is finished, they will be deleted. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease knowing that if you send me some sensitive photos (like nudes, pictures in lingerie or photos of children), those pictures will be safe with me.
  • Payment: I accept PayPal and bank transfer. I will take the 50% of the payment in advance (non-refundable). Once I get the first payment, I will start the drawing and, once it is finished, you can pay the rest ( 50% left plus shipping), and once the full payment is received, the drawing will be sent as soon as possible (usually it takes 2 to 3 days, but some delay may occur sometimes due to external issues)
  • How long does the drawing take?: It depends on the drawing. Every work is unique and has its own particularities; depending on things like the technique, the size, how complex it is, etc. But once you tell me the type of drawing you want, I can give you an estimation of the time. If you need the drawing for a specific date, the best you can do is let me know from the beginning (and don’t wait until last minute to do it; it is always better to ask with enough time, just in case), so I can organize myself or say no if I have too much work or I need more days to get it done (please, notice that the drawing must take several days to be done, sometimes weeks, and to that time you have to add the time needed to check the photos, maybe ask for more, wait for the payment and the shipping).
  • Delivery: The drawing will be perfectly packed, protected with a special acid-free paper that won’t damage the drawing and between two pieces of foam board, wrapped and inside a bubble Mailer. The shipping is tracked, by Correos (the Spanish postal service). Depending on where in the world you are, it can take one to three weeks to arrive (sometimes even more, due to customs service). If you want a faster shipping, you can tell me and I can look for the best choice according to your needs. ALL DELIVERIES ARE REGISTERED MAILS

Pricing Table

Simple Sketch

  • A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm aprox)
  • 1 subject
  • Black and white
  • No background
  • Based on a photo (optional)
  • Portrait/half body 
Complex Sketch
  •  A4 size
  • 2 subjects
  • Black and white
  • No background
  • Based on a photo (optional)
  • Portrait/half body
Full Drawing
Starting at 200€
  • Diferent sizes
  • 1 o 2 or more subjects
  • Black and white/Color
  • With or without background
  • Based on a photo (optional)
  • Portrait/half body
  • Totally personalized

Some Examples of Commissions

In the photo gallery you can find some commissions examples.  There are sketchy-like drawings (based on photo, like the one of Julia and Vega, or based on my imagination, like the fairy or the gothic girl), more refined portraits (again, based on personal photos, like the drawing of Maria, or drawings of TV series characters or similar) and even a full color illustration.

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